"Friends" is a band with many different influences that define their style. We play a wide variety from old classic country, to blues, R&B, funky New Orleans beats, Rock & Roll (some going back to the 50's), British Invasion, originals and even a little Tex-Mex. Everyone in the band sings. There's something for everybody.

About the Band Members (left to right)

Rick Fitch: Harmonica, vocals, acoustic guitar
Rick grew up in the central coast region of California and got his first guitar and harmonica while in grade school. He moved northward in 1975 to attend an alternative high school in the woods of Trinity County, where many hours were spent singing and playing music. Rick is influenced by folk, rock, and blues. He moved to Sonoma County in 1981 where he has followed his passion of playing live music.

James Coltharp: Guitar and vocals
James' first "paying gigs" were in the 9th grade where he grew up in Natchez, Mississippi, and he's been in and out of bands ever since. In 1974 he moved to Marin with his ole college friend and bass player Ralf Myers. James' influences go back to those early days in Ms. and include R&B, Country, blues, and assorted covers or oldies. It's been said that he not only talks with a bit of a southern accent, he plays with one too.

Ralf Myers: Bass guitar and vocals
Ralf was also playing in bands before and during high school in West Point, Mississippi, and on through college at the University of Southern Mississippi. Like James, Ralf has been in numerous bands over the years.  Ralf, too, was influenced by the British invasion, R&B, Soul and Country with a little funk in there for good measure.

Mike Ross - Drums and vocals
Mike is a local bay area guy - building contractor by day and drummer by night.... pounding nails and drums. Says that after hearing Little Richard live in the 50"s he was hooked. Played with local Northern California bands ever since.